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Based on the Isle of Portland, I design, source, build, craft, and/or modify bespoke vernacular timberframe structures, furniture, metalwork, garden, and architectural features.

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Robert Rocheleau / junkdesign


Garden Gate

Old bed frame found buried in attic garbage in our old house, parts of wonky gate from current house, old angle iron, cast iron and mild steel bits, laid up by eye mostly, arc welded.

Cider Press

cider press

Douglas Fir, made from 300×300 cut down to 150×300, and 150×200 stock, mostly. Tenons are shouldered and housed, surfaces (roughly) hand planed, everything very simple.  Think rustic, all hand tools except for hogging out the mortises. I did this as we have 6 apple and 2 pear trees, I looked at a few others folks had built, and decided to give it a try.

So it’s juice this year, cider the next and maybe a bit of Calvados too, if I can manage it. Uses a bottle pump jack and some grids and cloth for the cheeses, we got around 40 litres out of the trees this year, will easily double that in 2016.

Breaks down for shipping or transport, just 4 pegs hold it together.  It’s big, though.

£700, or can custom make one for you, just ask.

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